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Let's Be Nicer To Cheryl


This entry is for those who actually leave comments on this blog.  You lurkers can do what you do best, but you commenters need to chime in here.

I've never met Cheryl, but I feel like I know her.  She's left 336 comments here over the years, starting with this one following that infuriating Na Na Hey Hey overtime loss against the Habs in October 2009.

I want to say I am happy. I live in Toronto, but am a Habs fan. That's just the way it is. I love my Habs and I also like the Phoenix Coyotes. I hate the Leafs.

The following 335 comments have all been variations on that theme, and the repetition has annoyed a few of you to the point where you're really giving her the gears in the comments.  Cheryl has admitted to being blind, but that doesn't make it cool to label her dumb.

Let's be a little nicer to Cheryl.  She takes the abuse like a champ and keeps coming back day after day to throw her two cents in the mix.  Everyone is welcome.  Even Habs fans like Cheryl.

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