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Bridget's Chairs Are Now Mine

Blue Jays Chairs

In the late-90s, I had many lengthy discussions about the Blue Jays with Bridget.  Bridget didn't grow up with the game, but she adopted the Jays as her team in the mid-80s when pennant races were the norm.

We'd talk about Carlos Delgado, and Pat Hentgen, and reminisce about WAMCO and the back-to-back World Series wins.  Bridget took ill, moved into a home in Ottawa, and we lost touch.  In 2009, Bridget passed away.

This past weekend I learnt I was to inherit Bridget's beloved Blue Jays chairs.  I took possession of them yesterday, and here they are:

Blue Jays Chairs

Thanks, Bridget.  When the Jays return to the World Series, I know what seat I'll take for the opening pitch.

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