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102.1 The Edge Rolling In The Deep


There was a time I didn't miss The Thursday 30 on 102.1 The Edge.  Back when it was hosted by Martin Streek, it was how I kept up with the latest tunes.

I don't catch it often these days, but I tuned in for a bit tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" from her excellent 21 album.

I was surprised because Adele isn't really the kind of singer you'd expect to hear on 102.1 The Edge.  She doesn't seem to fit alongside Rise Against, Foo Fighters and Sum 41, but she's a very welcome addition to an ever narrowing playlist.  21 is absolutely fantastic and it's physically impossible to dislike songs like this:

Better late than never.  By the way, Cure fans... if you haven't heard 21 yet, you're missing out on a great cover of "Lovesong".  Eat your heart out, 311.

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