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Alomar's Time Has Come

Good News For Robbie

Exactly six years ago today, I wrote Good News For Robbie.  Ryne Sandberg was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame and if Sandberg got in, Alomar had to be a shoe-in.

I was watching baseball every day when Syndberg starred, and Alomar played the same position, only better.  As I wrote at the time.

Alomar is the best player to ever don a Blue Jays uniform and he was the best second baseman in baseball for a solid decade.  He hit for average, had good power, played awesome D and was an excellent base stealer.  Furthermore, he was clutch and a key component of our two World Series Championships.  Most importantly, he was clearly a better player than Ryne Sandberg and should therefore be voted in to Cooperstown.

See the logic?  Tomorrow afternoon, I'll get to write about Robbie's induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He'll be the first to go in wearing a Blue Jays cap, and that's saying something.

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