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1 Week After Jason Barr Fired, Where's the News?


It's been a week since Jason Barr was let go from Edge 102.  Jason was 1/3 of The Dean Blundell Show, a very popular Toronto morning radio show, especially amongst teens and those in their 20s.

This trio has been together since they took over for Humble and Fred on 102.1 back in 2001.  Humble and Fred, you may recall, left for Mojo 640 and their "Talk Radio for Guys" format.  Before The Dean Blundell Show, Jason Barr was Danger Boy on Humble and Fred, a part of that show since the mid 90s.  That's a long time he was on Edge 102 in the mornings.

It's been a week since he was fired, and I'm surprised at the complete lack of coverage.  I haven't found a word about it in the MSM.  It's on a few message boards and blogs, but surprisingly few.  It's possible nobody knows about it, but isn't the MSM supposed to break such news to the masses?  Hell, I had the story a week ago.  Is it deemed such an insignificant event it's completely unworthy of coverage?

My entry about Jason being fired is getting some traffic from people Googling for more information, but not a heck of a lot.  Perhaps the average CFNY listener won't have a clue things are different until after Labour Day.

Here's the results from Google when you search for Jason Barr Fired.  The highlighted results are from me, whether I'm hosting them or not.

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