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Johnny Mac's Father's Day Home Run (Or Why I Love Sports)


We all love Johnny Mac.  In a previous era, John McDonald could be our everyday SS.  I remember when your defensive gem of a shortstop didn't have to carry a big bat, but those days seem to be long gone.

John's father, Jack McDonald, died of liver cancer last Tuesday at the age of 60.  Jack was buried on Friday, and Johnny Mac was back with the team Saturday.  Yesterday, on Father's Day, John entered the game to play second base in the ninth inning.  He'd get to bat with a man aboard in the bottom of the inning, his first at-bat since losing his dad.

We had talked about the type of player I am before I came back, the fact that I don’t hit a lot of home runs. He said, ‘Hit your next one for me.’

In the bottom of the ninth, on Father's Day, two days after burying his dad, Johnny Mac went deep.  This is why I love sports.  This is why I love Johnny Mac.

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