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For Cheryl as Her Habs Are Eliminated


The Habs have just been ousted from these Stanley Cup playoffs.  They won exactly nine more games than I thought they would, but ding-dong the witch is dead.

I'm not going to gloat... my Leafs didn't make the playoffs, and I'd give anything right now to witness 9 playoff victories in one post-season, so I'm going to collect all the comments left on this blog by a Habs fan named Cheryl.

First there was my appearance on The Team 990 where I made a bet with Metric Julie. Cheryl didn't like that.

Right on.  Go Habs go.  I didn't like that thing.  I'm a Habs fan.
No no, Leafs have no chance.  Go Habs go.
No no, the Leafs won't win the cup.  The Leafs are not the best.  Go
Habs go.

I lost that bet with Metric Julie. Cheryl chimed in again.

I'm from toronto, but I'm a Habs fan.  Go Habs go.  Habs will win.
Habs and Coyotes to the finals.

Even if I wrote about going to a TFC match, she was there.

Yes, Habs in DC.  Habs will win.  Washington isn't that good at all.
Habs all the way.  Habs and Coyotes to the finals.

I then wrote about the Sens being eliminated, and she was ready to pounce.

No, the Habs do not suck.  The Habs are great.  The Sens may suck, but
not the Habs.  Habs and Coyotes to the finals.

An entry I wrote about the final four series was blessed with four visits from Cheryl.

Habs all the way.  Yes, they lost yesterday, but they're going to win
it in six or seven.  My habs will win the cup again.  Just wait.  Go
Habs go.  My Coyotes are out.  Who cares about the rest.
Habs are going to win.  Halak is unbeatable.  So they lost on Friday,
but they will win today and win the series in six or seven and then no
more Penguins.
I told you so.  habs won.  Habs in six or seven if it goes that far,
but maybe Habs in five.  Penguins have no chance.
Of course, the Habs are going to win.  So they had a bad day last
night.  Tomorrow they'll win and they'll win on Saturday and monday.
Halak is going to be unbeatable again.  you'll see.  Go Habs.

I wrote an important message to Habs fans from Leafs fans, and Cheryl was there.

The Habs are going to win.  This is it.  They're going to win the cup.
Sid the Kid isn't that good honestly.  The Pens have no chance.  The
Habs are really going to win the cup.  There is no way anyone can stop
them now.  Go Habs go.  Just get used to saying that.  They are really
going to win.
Well, I told you so.  Habs all the way to the cup.  They are going to
win it.  The Flyers or Bruins have no chance at beating the Habs. Habs
all the way.
The Habs will win the cup.  Halak is that good.  The Flyers have no
chance.  Nobody is going to beat Halak.  Go Habs go.  Get used to
saying that.  The Leafs won't win the cup any time soon.  I hate the

Finally, I had enough and wrote If You Love The Leafs, You Hate The Habs.

Well, this year a Canadian team will win the cup, the Habs. I am a Habs
fan, but I live in Toronto.  I've been a Leafs hater for life and that
will never change.
As I said, I'm a Habs fan.  I've always been a Habs fan.  I live in
toronto, but have always loved the Habs for years.  This blog may be a
nightmare, but the Habs won't choke.  Just wait and they'll beat the
Flyers.  Halak is so good.  He won't allow the Flyers to score, not
even on the power play.
If we bet on it, I would win.  The habs are that good.  I am going to
cheer for my Habs.  You'll see.  They'll win tonight.  Just wait.
Halak will stop every Flyer he sees.
I'm not happy.  My Habs lost.  This sucks, but this is just one   game.
I have faith.  The Habs will win the next one.  They'll come back.  I
know they will.  The flyers had their win.  Habs in six or seven.
Trust me.  Go Habs go.
Habs are going to win.  Trust me.  The game last night was a real
Another fluke game last night and the Habs lost again.  Trust me.  The
Habs are going to win the cup.  They'll win the next four.  It will be
Habs in six or seven.

A follow-up call to arms resulted in a similar barrage of Cheryl comments.

I am cheering for my Habs.  Yes, my wonderful Habs.  They are going to
win tonight.  I am not a Leaf fan.  I never was and never will be.  The
habs will win this round in six or seven.  The Flyers won't win
tonight.  There's just no way.  Get used to it.  Halak will be on his
game again.  The Habs will win big time and if you don't like it,
that's just too bad.  Go Habs.
I told you the Habs would win.  Leighton has come back to life.  See,
he's not so good and neither are the Flyers.  They're going to be
toast.  Habs all the way to the cup.  Yes, they're going to win the cup
so get used to it.  Go Habs go.
Habs are going to win to even the series.  Just wait.  The Flyers are
out of gas.  Go Habs go.  On the way to the Stanley Cup.
Well, the Habs got shut out.  This sucks.  This was another fluke game.
It won't happen again.  Habs in seven.  They will win the next two to
get to game seven and win game seven.  Honestly, the Habs won't go
away.  They're going to win the cup like it or not.  The cup is theirs.
Habs in seven.  Like it or not and I am not doing your crazy bet.  No
thanks.  I just know that the Habs won't win the cup.  See, afterr
Washington was winning three to one, the Habs come back.  After
Pittsburgh was winning, the Habs come back.  The Flyers will be toast.
They got lucky so they won yesterday.  It won't happen again because
Halak will shut the Flyers down.  Trust me.  The Habs are going to win
the cup, like it or not.
Habs are going to win tonight.  Just wait.  Habs all the way to the
cup.  They will win the cup.  Now the Flyers fans can cry because they
are going to lose.

Cheryl, I'm going to miss you.

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