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Gowan's 25th Anniversary of What Exactly?


I keep hearing an ad on the radio promoting Lawrence Gowan's concert in celebration of the 25th anniversary of his album Strange Animal.

As I recall, and I was listening to a tonne of Top 40 radio in 1985 (680 CFTR!), Strange Animal spawned two local hits: "A Criminal Mind" and "(You're a) Strange Animal".  I really liked "A Criminal Mind", especially the video I caught on Toronto Rocks almost every afternoon, and "(You're a) Strange Animal" was an okay single, but is this album worthy of a tour to celebrate its release 25 years ago?

Of course not.  That's just silly.  Strange Animal was not Rubber Soul or Dark Side of the Moon or even Appetite for Destruction.  It was decent Cancon that spawned two radio singles.  Nothing more.

Here's that awesome video for "A Criminal Mind".

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