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Stanley Cup vs. Gold Medal: The Choice is Clear


After my hockey game last night, I tuned in The Fan 590 for the drive home.  They opened up the phone lines to play a little game of "would you rather".  The question was "would you give up Canada's gold medal in men's hockey for a Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup victory?"

It was almost midnight on a Friday night, and the host was clearly trying to stimulate a discussion, but for a Leafs fan this really isn't a difficult question to ponder.  The choice is clear.  Every fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs would very gladly give up Sidney Crosby's golden goal for another Stanley Cup.  We'd do it in a heartbeat, and there's several reasons why...

Our Emotional Investment
I'm 35 years old, and I've been rooting for the blue and white with all my might since Peter Ihnacak and Miroslav Frycer were lighting the lamp.  That's almost 30 years of Stanley Cup dreams unfulfilled.  I want to enjoy the payoff.  I need to enjoy the payoff.

A Boy's Dream
Playing ball hockey every Saturday afternoon throughout the 80s, I never once dreamed about scoring the gold medal winning goal.  I always dreamed about scoring the Stanley Cup winning goal, for my Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Road to Glory is Gruelling
The Olympic gold was locked up after 7 games.  We had to win 4 playoff games, against Germany, Russia, Slovakia and the USA.  Compare that to what you have to do to win the cup.  There is no tougher tournament than the Stanley Cup playoffs.

This City Would Go Nuts
I remember well how this city exploded in 1992 and 1993 after the Jays won their World Series titles.  I was on the streets, screaming and hollering.  If the Leafs were to win a Stanley Cup, this city would go absolutely ape shit.  Take that World Series celebration and multiply it by 10.

J pointed out this cool video of Torontonians celebrating our gold medal on Yonge street last Sunday night.  It looks like a fun party, but I've seen far bigger crowds when the Leafs advance past the first round of the playoffs.

Is there a single Leaf fan who wouldn't give up this gold for a Stanley Cup?

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