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Martin Streek took his own life last July. As you'll see from the 214 comments over there and the many other entries in my Martin Streek Remembered category, Martin was a wildly popular radio deejay in this city, enjoyed by all who heard him and beloved by everyone who met him.

With the one year anniversary of his death coming this summer, I'm disappointed is parked by the host.  That typically means the domain name owner hasn't paid and instead of making the domain name available to anyone, the host eNom is holding on to it, hoping the owner will wisen up and pay up.  Here's what looks like right now.


It's possible Martin was the only one with the login details that would ensure we keep his site online, or it's possible someone reading this entry knows who can help with this.  If you can help me get Martin's domain name, I'd love to put up a tribute to him at  Please contact me.

Help me get it back online.

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