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Farewell Odeo, iMeem and Houndbite, Hello SoundCloud


I've been searching for the YouTube of audio for years.  I'm just looking for a place where I can upload an MP3 and embed the player on my site.  I used to like Odeo for this, and then Odeo dropped the ability to upload.  Then I started using iMeem, until iMeem was bought by MySpace and disappeared completely.  Then, I discovered Houndbite, but it too has bit the dust.

Once more, I was on the hunt for the YouTube of audio.  That's when I discovered SoundCloud.  SoundCloud only gives you two hours of space for free, but it's exactly what I need to share old Blue Jays songs and Tom Cheek calls.

To demonstrate this new discovery, here's Lloyd Moseby's Shaker's Rap.

Here's hoping SoundCloud sticks around for a while.  And if you liked the sample above, you'd love this page.

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