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Life Is Funny... I'm Working With Rick Hodge


Life is funny. You never know what's around the corner or how things will work out.

On November 27, I wrote about Rick Hodge being forced off Astral's airwaves.  In that entry I wrote about something I witnessed when I sat in on the old EZ Rock morning show.  What I wrote upset Rick Hodge and many of his friends, and the aftermath caused me to write "This is a Blog.  This is My Blog".

Earlier today, I wrote about a shake-up with the EZ Rock morning show. Of course I wrote about the dismissal of Rick Hodge and Kim Stockwood. You could have bet the farm on it. After all, I've always loved radio, I wrote about Rick Hodge leaving CHUM-FM, about Humble getting a new gig at EZ Rock and it's the only morning show I've sat in on. It would have stuck out like a sore thumb if I didn't address this developing story.
So I did what I've done 9524 times before. My fingers hit the keyboard and I reported what I knew to be true. Then, because it's my blog, I threw down some personal opinions about it all. And yes, that included a less than flattering story about Rick Hodge. This isn't something I do lightly, I managed to not tell the story for 18 months, but this morning I felt like sharing it. So I did.
Rather quickly, my email filled up with angry emails and comments. It was as if I had attacked the Pope. I came back from lunch, read one negative email after another, and quickly realized it simply wasn't worth it. This is my hobby, I had shared a little story about the subject of the news story I was writing about, and suddenly I was under attack. That prompted me to do something I haven't done in 9525 entries over 7 years. I deleted the story about Rick Hodge.

Six weeks later, I'm working with Rick Hodge.  Rick's got some time on his hands and things he wants to share, so he'll soon be blogging up a storm at  I'm setting everything up for him now and will soon be teaching Rick how to be master of his domain, so to speak.  One of his first entries will be about the move from CHUM FM to EZ Rock / CFRB 1010 and he'll also address that paragraph I deleted.

Rick Hodge and I

You really never know what's around the bend.

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