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Canada 5, USA 6

Silver Sucks

The last time I wrote a World Junior Hockey Championship game recap without Canada winning the gold medal was January 5, 2004.  I titled that entry "Silver Sucks".

Since then, we've won five straight gold medals and silver still sucks.  Tonight we lost, but not before coming back from a two goal deficit with only a few minutes to play in the third.  It was another Canadian comeback, with an unfortunate change in the script.  The good guys lost.

In my desperate search for a silver lining, I think I found a good one.  The last time Canada didn't win the gold in this tournament, games like this were also taking place.  Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs were a playoff team.

Follow the logic... In 2004, Canada loses the gold medal game to the USA and the Leafs make the playoffs and beat the Sens in 7.  Canada goes on to win five straight medals and the Leafs fail to play another playoff game.

Maybe this is a good omen?

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