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Anne Mroczkowski and Laura DiBattista Out at Citytv

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Late last year, Jim McKenny was shown the door at Citytv.  He had been doing sports for Citytv since 1984.  Prior to that, Rogers had purged several other Citytv institutions, for better or worse.  These included the NewMusic, Ed the Sock, Amber Mac, Silverman Helps and Speakers Corner.

Similar to Jim McKenny, Anne Mroczkowski has been serving up CityPulse and CityNews news at Citytv for what seems like forever.  Here she is co-hosting CityPulse Tonight with Gord Martineau in 1985.

This morning there's been a lot of noise about big personnel changes at Citytv, including the release of Anne Mroczkowski and long-time correspondent Laura DiBattista.  I try not to post these items based solely on rumours, so I've waited until at least one reliable source went on the record.  That would be @stephaniesmyth who just tweeted the following:

Anne Mroczkowski, Laura DiBattista reportedly both gone from CITY TV, along with writers/producers/editors/camera people.

Mroczkowski will be missed.  She always delivered the news with class, even when being berated by colleagues.  Here's hoping everyone who's part of this latest Rogers purge of Citytv staples lands on their feet.

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