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imeem Dies, My Search for YouTube of Audio Continues


When Odeo stopped allowing audio uploads, I started looking for a replacement.  Essentially, I was looking for the YouTube of audio.

I discovered imeem would pretty much do what I wanted.  I could upload an audio clip, usually one of Tom Cheek's calls of Blue Jays baseball or a Humble and Fred bumper, and embed the player on this site.  Although not perfect (sometimes it would only play 30 seconds on the site and would force a click to to hear the rest), imeem did the job nicely and all was well.

Last week, all imeem players embedded on this site disappeared.  Literally.  Maybe Humble and Fred bits and sports calls are AWOL.  MySpace bought imeem and is redirecting to  It would be easy to say MySpace killed imeem, but I understand imeem was dead before the ship even sank.  MySpace gets a free pass on this one...

But now I'm looking for the YouTube of audio again.  It might be Hound Bite, but maybe it's something else?  Maybe it's YouTube, as ridiculous as that sounds.

Do I need to roll my own or is there a decent free audio sharing service a'la YouTube?

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