I'm Not a PGA Fan, I'm a Tiger Fan, and this is Crazy

golfI've never been a golf fan. I don't play the sport at all and I don't follow the PGA. Having admitted that, I've been a big Tiger Woods fan since he was an amateur.

I just revisited every entry on this blog that includes the keyword "Tiger Woods". There were 25. That's a lot of entries to be written by a guy who doesn't golf and doesn't give a rat's ass about golf. Heck, in the pre-YouTube era, I was sharing that shot Tiger made on the 16th hole of The Masters in 2005 as a WMV file. That's right, Tiger got me to share a WMV file.

In 2006, I wondered if Tiger Woods might be the greatest athlete of all-time. Not the greatest golfer, but the greatest athlete in any sport. Yes, I spoke of Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky with the same honoured tone.

A couple of summers ago, I actually threw all of my Tiger Woods thoughts into an entry I entitled "My Thoughts on Tiger Woods".

I love the idea that someone we watched, someone during our lifetime is the best there ever was. I rooted for Michael Jordan and I rooted for Wayne Gretzky. Athletes like Tiger come around once in a lifetime and it seems foolish and unnatural to root against them unless they're complete jerks, Barry Bonds style. Hell, for a while I even rooted for him.

And hell, I'm still rooting for Tiger Woods. And no, I never bought that car crash story where Elin drags him from the vehicle. Not for a second. And I'm aware of his chronic infidelity and love of the ladies. The man's a dog, but he's the best damn golfer in the history of the world and the only guy who could get me to write 25 entries about a sport I don't care about. Ask me how many entries I've written about rugby or cricket or polo?

Tiger's fall from grace is unprecedented. A month ago, he was a god. Today, his sponsors are dropping like flies and his career is officially on-hold. This is crazy.

Tiger, ya dirty dog, work on that marriage, fix it for your wife and kids, but for heaven's sake, keep golfing. There are records to break, there's history to make, legions of fans to please and me, a Tiger Woods fan who doesn't give a shit about golf.


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The hole is so deep he cannot escape.
He was a GOD for sports overall after "99" & he blew it or the others did as known now - 15 & counting.
Tiger was too perfect & should have discussed with media like Letterman & all would be fine now.
FESS up Tiger.

December 13, 2009 @ 6:14 PM


He'll be back. In a few months sponsors, fan and the PGA Tour will be begging him to return. Other athletes have come back from much worse. Kobe was charged with rape, VIck organized dog fights, OJ lopped off with wife's' head and still people supported him.. let's not forget that a certain Governor from Arkansas fucked his way half across America, became President, was impeached and still people forgave him. TW will take some time away and then one day will make his comeback. Trust me this is not the end of TIger Woods. Just a really bizarre and shitty episode that at some point in the distant future will be a footnote against the greatness of his impact on the sport.

December 13, 2009 @ 7:44 PM


If he still wanted to be with the ladies & party hard why settle down?

Won't be the first husband and father to make some very bad decisions.

I Agree with you Mike, never bought the story if Tiger crashing into the fire hydrant in his neighbourhood. I thought the truth would he was he hammered. Never thought that the answer would be more than enough women to field a soft ball team.

What next pictures, videos, livestock, a reality show?

This wholesome image of Mr. Woods was it a creation of Tiger or his PR machine?

December 13, 2009 @ 7:46 PM


This whole Tiger-gate surprised me. I never thought as him as slime ball. Sure, he was annoying, arrogant and petulant a-hole but not a cheating hound. Like Miss'a blogger asked, why marry if you needed to get some from any random skank?

I hope he never returns to golf. I didn't like him before but now I actually pity him. Why? Well mainly because he's this lonely guy who only could rely on paid escorts & local gold diggers to fulfill him.

Memo to all of those admired him: You can now get on with your life and go worship some other fool who's just a scandal away from a fall from grace.

December 13, 2009 @ 10:08 PM


...you dumbass son of mine! I die and you're world goes to hell!

December 14, 2009 @ 8:12 AM


No, this is not the end of Tiger. What will be the end of Tiger will be when he tests positive for steroids. That lanky amateur kid sure has bulked up, hasn't he?

December 14, 2009 @ 9:26 AM

Mike from Lowville

....could not have happened to a better guy. Looks good on him. The thing that pissed and turned me off to him was when he was asked how he felt being sponsored by a company (Nike) that exploited child labour. He's response, "I just golf" well now he can add, I just fuck anything with a vagina!

December 14, 2009 @ 11:58 AM


Toronto Mike/HH

Tiger is the greatest golfer I've ever seen and he'll soon smash the record that Jack set. As Howard said, he'll be back and stronger than ever but things will never be the same.

I always admired his golfing talents but never understood Tiger the person. Not that I knew what would happen in the future but I never thought he was genuine or sincere. Maybe I was turned off when he won a tournament and told the press he did it not bringing his 'A' game or the time he/agents wanted more of a piece of the PGA Tour money pie and not just for the other PGA Golfers but for Tiger himself.

Soon this will all blow over and he will return to God like status for guys like HH. But the one thing that will never go away is that he will always be a cheater.

December 14, 2009 @ 8:22 PM

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