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A Male God Sending Sperm Down to Impregnate Mary


St. Matthew-in-the-city is a progressive Anglican church in Auckland, New Zealand.  They recently created some controversy by erecting the following billboard.


The Vicar of St Matthew-in-the-City, Glynn Cardy, said the billboard was "attacked by a knife-wielding Christian fanatic".  That was actually the fourth attack on the billboard in two days.

Archdeacon Cardy earlier said the billboard was designed to let people outside the church realise that many Christians and church leaders did not believe in the literal virgin birth, and did not believe that was the true meaning of Christmas.
"We're out to critique the idea of a male god impregnating Mary and the literalism of the virgin birth.
"The topic is ... something the church has talked about for centuries, but what is new is that we have the audacity to laugh at something quite so ridiculous as a male god sending sperm down to impregnate Mary," he said.

At the risk of becoming rather unpopular during this Christmas season, I've got to ask.  Does anyone actually believe that Mary miraculously conceived Jesus while remaining a virgin?

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