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When Leafs Programs Were Only $2

Leafs Programs

I've saved a lot of stuff.  I've got scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, baseball sticker books, ticketstubs and a bunch of old Maple Leaf programs stored away in boxes.  They're sitting in my basement right now.

Here's a ticket stub from a game I attended at Maple Leaf Gardens on November 29, 1986.  You'll see I sat in the grey section, the worst section, but I sat in the front row of the greys, which was the best of the worst.  I was just happy to be in the building to watch my Leafs take on the Minnesota North Stars.

I got a Maple Leaf program that day.  It was only $2.  That seemed like a lot back then, but today Maple Leafs programs probably sell for closer to $10.  I'm honestly not sure what they're charging these days, as I haven't bought one since the early 90s.

Maple Leafs Program

Gary Leeman, who graces the cover above, scored over a quarter of his NHL goal total during the 1989–90 season.  Then, we packaged him in a bundle that scored us a certain centre who wore #93.  Best. Leafs. Trade. Ever.

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