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Surveillance Footage of Michael Bryant's Recklessness Enraging Cyclist Sheppard


There's been quite the discussion in the comments since I first wrote about Darcy Allan Sheppard's death.  I got an email from Donald Wiedman who wanted me to review the surveillance footage from Bloor street that fateful day.

Please take a look at the below YouTube video (surveillance camera footage) showing what happened exactly – at Bay & Bloor in Toronto - between cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard and motorist Michael Bryant. The clips appeared on City TV hours after the accident, yet the media continues to imply Sheppard chased the car down on foot in a rage after a minor collision.
In the footage, Bryant first uses the car to intimidate Sheppard. Then strikes him and pushes him ten feet. Bryant then puts it in Reverse then Drive and guns it past Sheppard. As the cyclist struggles to get up, he grabs the passing car mirror to try to keep the car at the scene.

Not quite the minor collision we've been hearing about, is it?

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