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2009 Terry Fox Run at High Park

Terry Fox

What a fantastic morning.  The entire family got out of bed early to participate in the Terry Fox Run at High Park.  My wife and kids were met there by my mom, my brother, his wife and their unborn child.  That's right, there's an unborn child in the family.  Cool, eh?

David Miller was there as well, and I introduced myself as the guy he knows better as @torontomike on Twitter.  He was joined by our MP Gerard Kennedy and our MPP Cheri DiNovo.

The reason we were there was to keep going for Terry.  That's why I've raised $645.00 thus far.  Most of that came from readers of this blog, and for that I'm truly appreciative.  You guys are awesome.

It's not too late to sponsor me.  If you can afford to give, click over to and help pad my total.  I promise warm thoughts in return.

MP, MPP and Mayor
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