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My Week Driving A Ford Fusion Hybrid: A Review


I just returned the the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid I've been driving for the past week.  Ford gave me the car for a no-strings-attached seven days and I drove it to Lake Huron and back.  I wasn't told to write a positive review or a review at all, they just told me to have fun and try and bring it back in one piece.

It was a lot of fun.  It drives wonderfully and has all these extras I hadn't experienced before.  When something is in my blind spot, there's an indicator light on the mirror.  When I reverse, a camera shows me what's behind me and there's a beep if someone or something is approaching from the right or left.  There are visual rewards for conserving energy by way of leaves that grow on the dashboard.  It's pretty cool.

The Fusion had Sync technology, so I hooked up my iPod Touch and my Blackberry via Bluetooth. That feature, along with the Sirius satellite radio, will be the hardest to let go.  I need me a sweet sound system!

The only negative to report is the lack of storage space.  I prefer smaller cars, and I understand this is one of the sacrifices, but packing for a camping trip with two kids was quite the challenge.  It's a good thing I left my wife at home.

I sincerely could see myself in a Fusion Hybrid.  It's my kind of car.

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