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Colton Orr Joins Maple Leafs


Today is a big day for hockey fans.  As of midnight, teams can sign free agents.  I had my eye on a few, namely Cammalleri, Gaborik and Ohlund.  Ohlund's already gone to the Lightning, so he's off the table, but I'm still hopeful Brian Burke can make a little noise and improve my team.

So far, he's signed one free agent, and that's Colton Orr.  Burke has said he wants to make the Leafs tougher, and Colton Orr will do that.  Colton Orr is an enforcer, and he comes cheap.  He's signed to the blue and white for $4 million over four seasons.

Here's what he's known for:

With Colton Orr in the fold we can finally start planning that parade.

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