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OJ Boy: To Ban or Not To Ban?


I love reading the comments on this site.  I wish more of you would comment more often.  Don't be shy, create an alias and stick with it and you'll remain anonymous.  Do you really think Argie is an Argie and Elvis is an Elvis?

Jason, a.k.a. OJ Boy, is a Jason, however.  Since he added to his display name, I just queried the database and found he's left 838 comments.  Usually he's laughing at me for going to Edgefest or telling us all we're scum for using kleenex or listening to songs with mass appeal on corporate radio.  Other times he's chastising the poor for shopping at Walmart, snickering at the masses for enjoying Twitter or sharing his distaste for hockey, the Hip, Pearl Jam or, basically, any song or band you dig.

I've never met OJ Boy.  He was noticeably absent from the Humble and Fred 20th Anniversary Podcast, and he's clearly a huge fan of their old morning show.  I'm wondering if it's time for an OJ Boy ban, because I'm getting tired of the constant stench of humourless misery and holier-than-thou judgement.

Don't get me wrong, I like comments that disagree with me or offer an alternative viewpoint.  I would never consider banning Argie or Irvine or Sammi, a few commenters who seem to see things differently than I do.  But haven't we all had enough of buzz-kill OJ Boy?

What do you guys think?

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