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My 7-year old has been told he can stay up for the entire game tonight.  He, like his father, is heavily rooting for the Penguins to upset the Red Wings in Detroit.  He's pretty psyched about watching the whole game and watching the cup get passed from player to player.

I remember the first time I witnessed the Stanley Cup getting awarded.  It was May 19, 1984 and a young Oilers team had just defeated an ageing Islanders team that had won four times in a row.  I loved that Oilers team, and they'd be my second team for the remainder of the decade.

These Penguins remind me of that Oilers team.  Sure, they're not as deep and not quite as awesome, but they've got stellar young talent and they're attempting to usurp a Detroit dynasty that's won enough in recent years.  And these Penguins have become my second team, just like the 80s Oilers were.

History tells us the Red Wings will win.  There's a stat making the rounds that suggests the home team almost always wins a game seven of a final.  Still, they're playing the game, and if Fleury stands on his head and Crosby and Malkin are on their game, it might just happen.

Hell, game sevens in the Stanley Cup final don't happen every day.  My 4-year old can stay up and watch it as well.  Go Pens Go!

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