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2009 Playoff Pool Update

Playoff Pool

It's Saturday and I'd love to watch the NHL playoffs tonight, but the NHL in their infinite wisdom has decided to make us wait another day.  Of course, Saturday night hockey is only a cherished tradition in Canada, so the NHL's decision makes sense.

While we wait for round three to get underway, it's time to check in on my annual NHL playoff pool.  I banked on Sharks and Devils, so I've been out of it for weeks, but Jason banked on Blackhawks so he's looking pretty good.  Pops and his protege Marc still have shots with their Red Wings, and you can't count out Alexi or Patino with their army of Penguins, but I'd like to give a special thanks to another poolie.

Lamster, I thank you.  Although you diversified your portfolio by drafting players from four different teams, all four team bowed out in the first round and your 22 point total sets a new standard for futility.  Thank you for beating my record and saving me from such humiliation.

For the current standings go here.

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