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My 2009 Picks


Below are the ten players I chose in tonight's playoff pool draft.  It looks like I'll be rooting for San Jose, New Jersey and Chicago.

Out of 13 poolies, I got to pick 13th.  Yes, I'm that lucky.  If you're a trivia buff you'll be interested to know I picked Brian Gionta 6th in last year's pool as well.  Crazy, but true.

A San Jose - New Jersey Stanley Cup final would likely give me my first victory in the history of this annual tradition.  It could happen, right?

  1. P. Marleau - SJ
  2. Z. Parise - NJ
  3. M. Michalek - SJ
  4. J. Pavelski - SJ
  5. R. Blake - SJ
  6. B. Gionta - NJ
  7. B. Shanahan - NJ
  8. C. Ehrhoff - SJ
  9. A. Ladd - CHI
  10. D. Bolland - CHI

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