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Memoirs of a Snake-Bitten Playoff Pool Drafter


I haven't done very well in recent NHL Playoff Pool drafts.  Sure, a few years back I finished second, but even a blind squirrel catches a nut now and then.

Last year, I banked on Ducks.  The Ducks went out in the first round and I was toast.  This year, with those memories fresh in my mind, I banked on the President's Trophy winning San Jose Sharks.  I thought the Sharks would likely make it through to the finals, and would easily dispose of those same Ducks in the first round.

After two games, the Ducks lead that series 2-0 and not one of my five Sharks have a single point.  I've assumed my usual spot in last place.

Nobody is this bad.  I must have really bad luck.

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