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Google and Twitter?


The buzz this morning is that Google is in talks to buy Twitter.  Of course, it depends who you ask.

Google Inc. may be in talks to buy Internet start-up Twitter, the free micro-blogging service that allows people to send short text messages to a network of friends, the TechCrunch website said late Thursday
TechCrunch's article by Michael Arrington said the two companies are also considering working together on a Google real time search engine.

Firstly, I'll take this opportunity to pimp my buddy's Firefox Greasemonkey script that puts real-time Twitter search results in Google.  I owe him for almost killing him in 1999, but that's another story for another time.

As for Google and Twitter, it makes sense to me.  In fact, I think Twitter fans, like myself, would rather a company like Google takes over than the alternative.  The bigger question is, how do you convert the popularity of Twitter into cash?

Does Google insert Adwords ads into pages?  What about all of us who never see pages?  Do they insert ads into tweets?  They wouldn't dare do that, would they?

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