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Dan Duran vs. the Chainsaw

In my entry about Nick Kypreos joining the fun on Saturday, I mentioned Dan Duran would be producing the Humble and Fred 20th Anniversary Podcast of Memories.  Reading Dan's name prompted Dizz to leave the following comment.

I've been away from Toronto and the entire radio/TV scene... whatever happened to Dan? I recall he was playing second banana to Dini Petty years ago, but had some kind of accident and then disappeared.

I gave Dizz a quick update as I see Dan every Monday night at Beavers, and I closed with this:

Oh yeah, and you'd hardly know he ran a chainsaw over his face. I stare at the dude and can't even tell.

As expected, Dizz wanted more details.  Although it was never a secret, I remember reading about it in the paper at the time, there doesn't seem to be a word about Dan Duran and his chainsaw accident anywhere on the web.  I googled the crap out of it, and until I left that comment, there wasn't a stitch (pardon the pun).

So, I emailed Dan and told him it's time to add his battle with the chainsaw to the interweb.  Here's what he posted.

Hey the chainsaw thing happened when I was still on the Dini show. We talked all about it then on the show and I was back on air 3 weeks later after 63 stitches. I had a great surgeon and it all healed great.

At the moment that I was waiting for the paramedics to arrive I was thinking "boy what a stupid move." "That was really stupid" and also "How stupid could I be" “Stupid Stupid Stupid”.

To the present. The last movie I did was 'SAW VI" and the latest VO thing was HGTV's Top 10 on HGTV Canada and US. The latest thing I did with my son Colton was to help him draw Dialga from Pokémon. “Dad, wouldn’t it be cool if Pokémon were real and we could have them as pets?” “I dunno, do they poop?” “Nope they eat but don’t poop because they evolve”.

See you Saturday.

There ya have it.  Dan Duran vs. the Chainsaw.

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