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My son takes to the ice during tonight's Maple Leaf game at the ACC and I'm more nervous than he is.  I don't think he fully comprehends how very cool this is.  Not only will he see his first Leafs game, but he'll actually play a mini-game during the first intermission.  He's psyched, but I'm ecstatic.

We'll board the bus in about an hour and drive into the ACC via the players entrance.  During period one, we'll be in a change room getting the Timbits ready to play.  The Leafs game will be on the TV, and after the period ends, they'll announce the Swansea Hockey Association Timbits and my boy will take the ice.

I'll take a whole bunch of pictures by the boards.  After the game, which is about five minutes long, we get Timbits (the donuts, not the players) and water and seats from which we'll watch the rest of the Leafs ~ Oilers game.

I'll write all about it tonight or tomorrow, depending on my mood.  During the event, I'll Tweet.  If you don't know what a Tweet is, it's essentially a micro-blog entry via Twitter.  You can follow me on Twitter at and/or read my real-time Tweets from the ACC at

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