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The Cadillac Fairview Gift Card Scam

Cadillac Fairview Gift Card

My mom received a Cadillac Fairview Gift Card as a birthday gift a couple of years ago.  You can use these gift cards as cash at any Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centre.  Last weekend, my mom tried to use her gift card at Sherway Gardens.

I say she tried to use her Cadillac Fairview Gift Card because she was actually unable to use it.  When the cashier entered it in the system to learn the balance, it came up as $0.  Assuming there was some kind of mistake, I took it to the information desk at Sherway Gardens to restore the funds.

We were told that Cadillac Fairview deducts $2 a month for every month the card is not used, after the initial 16 months.  If you buy your friend or loved one a $20 Cadillac Fairview Gift Card, and your friend or loved one fails to use it for a couple of years, Cadillac Fairview essentially keeps your money and won't accept the gift card.

I say gift cards are the same as cash.  A $20 gift card should always be worth $20, even if it sits in your wallet for a couple of years.  What's the incentive to buy a gift card with "use it or lose it" small print?

Do your friend or loved one a favour.  Give them cash instead.

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