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CBC Radio 2 Likes My Hockey Music


I know when a web site links to mine when it shows up in the referral logs.  Still, I somehow missed this CBC Radio 2 blog entry about hockey music which references my hockey music entry.

This morning while Tom Allen was talking about "blow drying geese," the headline Introducing Hockey (in a BBC RSS feed of music news) jumped out at me. (So did Tom saying "blow drying geese." Never did catch the rest of that story.) Anyway, the Hockey that BBC was talking about is a band from Portland, Oregon.
But such is the nature of the web that one thing surfs to another, and so this "introducing hockey" post is for those who love the game...and its related music.
There are The Zambonis, from Connecticut, who claim to be "North America's Favourite ALL-HOCKEY Band!"
For a hockey music clearing house, you'll want to look at the Canadian website, Hockey Music. Among other things, there you will find forums about Hockey Music. You may freely discuss your computer set-up for sound at the rink; which teams use live organ music, and so on.
But the greatest find has to be "Toronto Mike's" list of best songs about hockey, illustrated with video examples. To have a look and listen, go to Hockey Songs: The Best Music About Our Game.

The entry is dated January 6, 2009, but I only caught traffic flowing through that page this morning.  It doesn't seem my Crocs goldrush will repeat here.

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