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Two-Thousand-and-Ten or Twenty-Ten?


Ten years ago, it was 1999.  We called that year "nineteen-ninety-nine".  Canada became a nation in 1867.  We called that year "eighteen-sixty-seven".  For the past nine years, however, we took a different approach to how we say our calendar years.

This is 2009.  We all say "two-thousand-and-nine". For some reason, we don't say "twent-oh-nine".  I think that's because the "oh" part of "twenty-oh-nine" is awkward.

Next year is 2010.  I'll bet we all call it "two-thousand-and-ten".  Shouldn't we go back to the way it always was and call it "twenty-ten"?

Which will it be: two-thousand-and-ten or twenty-ten?

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