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Screening One Week


Back in January, I shared the trailer for One Week.  I have a pretty interesting history with the film Saint Ralph, the film Michael McGowan directed prior to this one.  Here's how that went...

  • August 2005 - I learn there's a cover of Hallelujah by Gord Downie.  That's one of my favourite songs covered by the lead singer of my favourite band.  I've got to hear this!
  • January 2006 - I've been trying to score a copy of this song for almost six months.  A post on this blog didn't help, but my Hallelujah hunt continues...
  • April 2006 - I finally see Saint Ralph and I love it.  It doesn't just have a cool soundtrack but it's a charming as all hell little Canadian flick.  I finally hear Downie's Hallelujah and it's better than I had imagined.
  • June 2006 - I've got an MP3 of the tune, but it's ripped from the DVD.  After a year of hunting, it's the best I can do...  This song is nowhere to be found or purchased.
  • February 2007 - I have my miracle.  The right person has followed my plight and I'm shipped one of only a few copies of the Saint Ralph soundtrack that was never released.  I now have two different studio versions of Gord Downie singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
  • February 2009 - I'm going to a screening of One Week, which doesn't have a Downie song on the soundtrack but does have a Gord Downie cameo.

That's right, tonight I get to see a screening of One Week.  One viewing of the trailer had me hooked.  I'm really looking forward to this.

I'll share my review tomorrow.  Here's the trailer that spoke to me.

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