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Robbie Alomar AIDS Shocker


I'm on the record calling Roberto Alomar the greatest Blue Jay of all-time.  Robbie is all over the news today, but not because he's the best Jay ever.  In fact, this Alomar news is rather sensational.

Former Toronto Blue Jays star second baseman Roberto Alomar has been accused by an ex-girlfriend of engaging in unprotected sex while having full-blown AIDS.
The claim was made by 31-year-old Ilya Dall, reports the New York Daily News. Dall has filed a $15-million US negligence lawsuit against Alomar.
Dall maintains she lived with Alomar for three years.
In papers gathered by the Daily News that were filed in state and federal court, Dall indicated that Alomar was tested for AIDS in January 2006.

That's quite the allegation.  I imagine there are a few hundred (thousand?) Toronto women a little concerned right now.  For Robbie's sake, and everyone elses, let's hope Ilya Dall's lawsuit is indeed frivolous.

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