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Remembering Those Who Passed in 2008


We lost some cool cats in 2008.  Here are the five most significant celebrity passings of 2008, in this guy's humble opinion.

  1. Jeff Healey
  2. George Carlin
  3. Paul Newman
  4. Isaac Hayes
  5. Heath Ledger

And since this is all about me, my family lost someone far too soon in 2008.  Very early in the year, Uncle Bruce passed away quite suddenly.  I know it's been a super tough year for my aunt and cousins without Big Bruce around.

When I was 19, I wanted a car.  My budget for this purchase was about $500, and I called Uncle Bruce about it, because Uncle Bruce knew cars and I didn't.  Uncle Bruce put me in touch with his friend who fixed up and sold used cars in Port Credit and I ended up buying a 1985 Ford Escort hatchback for $200.

It was my first car and I loved it.  I remember driving it to Uncle Bruce's house in Mississauga so he could show me a thing or two about maintaining a car, especially a car worth $200.  When he took her for a spin and blessed the purchase, I trusted him.  He was caring, honest and would tell it like it is.

Uncle Bruce is missed.

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