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$749 for the Terry Fox Foundation

Terry Fox

What an awesome morning for the Terry Fox Run.  It was warm, the sun broke through the clouds and the turnout at High Park was much better than last year.

David Miller addressed the crowd before cutting the ribbon and starting this year's 4.5 km race.  With a federal election next month, Liberal MP candidate Gerard Kennedy was there with the Green Party candidate, Robert Rishchynski.  Although I saw her out last year, incumbent MP Peggy Nash didn't make an appearance.

This wasn't about political photo ops.  This was about raising funds and awareness for The Terry Fox Foundation.  Thanks to your generosity, I ran with $749 in pledges. It was also my first Terry Fox Run with my son.

James did great, hanging tough for all 4.5 km.  It was more of a brisk walk than a run, but he was rewarded at the finish line with a bottle of water, a banana and chocolate chip cookies. Thanks, James, for joining the cause.  We'll do it all again next year.

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