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I'm a bit of a pack rat.  Not the crazy obsessive kind, but I hold on to a lot of stuff because I think it'll be neat to have in fifty years.

Today we spent the bulk of the day purging crap we've accumulated over the years.  We're in hardcore minimization mode, so I went through a bunch of my old boxes and started throwing stuff out.  Trust me, this isn't easy for me, and I didn't part with everything, but I chucked a great number of things I've had for over two decades.

In one box, I found dozens of old comic books.  A number of these were those old Whitman Comics that included Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters.  There were also lots of Transformers comics, some Archies and a smattering of Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and Captain Canuck.

I gave them all to my kids.  If that 2nd issue of The 'Nam turns out to be worth something, I'm gonna feel like a dolt, but I'll bet it's worth less than the 75¢ I paid for it at the time.

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