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I'm a natural born archivist.  In fact, when you think about it, that's the crux of blogging and I was blogging time-stamped journal style entries years before the birth of the blogosphere.  I've always felt a need to document events with scrap books, photos, journals and video tape.

As mentioned, I was going through boxes of ancient artifacts this afternoon when I found a series of video tapes.  These are sporting events I've recorded because I knew there would come a day when I'd want to watch them again.  Below are tapes that contain the following games.

  • The very first Toronto Raptors game
  • Wayne Gretzky's last game
  • The very last game at Maple Leaf Gardens
  • The 1991 All-Star game at SkyDome
  • The very last game at Exhibition Stadium

My foresight was bang on.  I'm aching to watch all five right now.

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