The Web Service Suites That Revolve Around The Firefox Sun

FirefoxAfter writing this entry and this one, I took inventory of the web services that work for me. Using Firefox as my gateway to the web, there's a small handful of web service suites that have become more than mere web pages to me.

As I was assembling this rather small list, it soon became obvious to me that such detail would be better presented as an image. Yes, Facebook is there, because despite my threats to quit, I'm still an active user. Why am I there? Because their developers understand the importance of user interface and when something works, it's tough to say goodbye.


* Click the image to see it in Flickr where I've added notes to explain what each service does for me.

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Toronto Mike

And of course, Google also has this handy little tool they call a search engine.

February 2, 2008 @ 6:16 PM

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