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Peddie's Puppet: Does Fletch Live?

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Earlier today, I wrote yet another anti-Peddie entry.  In that entry, I linked to Howard Berger's blog.  Felix clicked through and read Berger's latest entry which includes an intriguing discovery he just told me about.

Beginning at the 4-minute, 43-second mark of the press conference, Peddie unmistakably begins mouthing along with Fletcher as the incoming GM reads his statement. Cliff says: "I'd like to thank Richard and the board for making me..." and then Peddie's lips start moving "...the custodian of the keys for a period of time. And, I look forward to the challenge, and to a few tough months ahead." Peddie looks away from Fletcher, then turns his attention to the veteran hockey executive at the 5:09 mark of the video. And, again, he begins mouthing the words Fletcher is speaking.... "move the club ahead to the next level so it can compete with all the top teams in the league, so it can eventually lead to playoff success."

I've posted the video below.  The fun begins at 4:43.  Is Cliff Fletcher yet another puppet?  Can Fletch say anything without rehearsing it so often with Peddie that Peddie's got it memorized?  Are these Cliff's words or Richard's?


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