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Commodore PET


The first computer I ever enjoyed was the Commodore PET.  My dad would bring it home from work on weekends in the late 70s and very early 80s.  My three favourite games were horse racing, where I'd essentially bet against simulated racetrack odds, lemonade stand, where I'd manage a virtual lemonade stand, and Eat Man, a complete rip-off of Pac Man.

Comparing the Commodore PET to today's PCs is a lot of nostalgic fun.  We had virtually no graphics to speak of, no colour, no mouse and the storage medium was something we called a Commodore Datassette.  That was essentially a dedicated computer tape recorder that looked like a cassette deck.

We eventually got a Commodore 64, but the Datassette lived on.  "Press Play on Tape #1" was our marching orders and we complied.  'Load"*",8,1' 'Run'

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