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Calling the Sports Doctor


I guess it's time for an update on my right leg.  I have a pretty good sense for what news is most buzzworthy, and I'm guessing my right leg is the hot topic of the moment.  If you need a refresher on how I hurt my right leg and what I've been through trying to heal it these past two months, visit my running page.

I've had a handful of physiotherapist appointments, and I really like the physiotherapist who seems to know his stuff, but he's admitted he's stumped.  He doesn't know how to treat me because the diagnosis doesn't make sense.  There's been no improvement in two months.  I can't run 4k or go on a lengthy walk without immense pain, but I experience no discomfort when I play slo-pitch or dodgeball.  This has the physiotherapist puzzled.

I'm getting awfully frustrated because I really miss running, so I got my bud Hooster to hook me up with a great sports doc downtown.  Next Wednesday I'm off to Athletic Edge Sports Medicine so we can figure out what the hell is wrong and how we treat this thing.

I'll post an update after I meet with this guy.  He is involved in the care of recreational, elite amateur and professional athletes, including players in the NHL, NFL and NBA.  And now he's involved in the care of Toronto Mike.

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