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Thirsty for Tlusty


How many Torontonians went hunting for a nude picture of Jiri Tlusty this week?  Yesterday, with some high Google rankings and a link from a site called Wikio to this entry, my unique visitors doubled the normal number.  The extra visitors were all looking for pics of Tlusty.  I chatted with Freddie P. who experienced the exact same spike.

It hasn't really calmed down since yesterday. I'm wondering what percentage of adult Torontonians with unmonitored Internet access have made an effort to see Jiri Tlusty's wang.  I know it's far higher than the percentage of Torontonians who knew the name Jiri Tlusty prior to yesterday.

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, and that's likely true.  Tlusty went from a little known Leafs rookie to the most Googled name in Toronto sports.  Everyone is thirsty for Tlusty.

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