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The Great NHL Deception


Some of you are being duped.  I'd say some of us are being duped, but I've caught on.  Your favourite team's record is not what it seems.


If you check out this morning's NHL standings, that's our current record.  It doesn't look so bad, does it?  Heck, it sorta looks like a .500 record.

Now things don't look so good.  Ouch, a 7-12 record would have fans terribly angry, demanding big changes and perhaps the head of both the GM and coach.  In reality, this is the Leafs' current record.  We've won seven games while losing twelve.  This is your reality check.

I hate the point for an overtime loss.  It's throwing everything out of whack.  If a team loses, let's give them zero points.  To the victor go the spoils.  As painful as it is, I'd rather check the standings and see we're 7-12 than 7-7-5.

She ain't pretty she just looks that way.

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