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The 2007 Santa Claus Parade


Earlier today, I took the kids to the 2007 Santa Claus Parade.  We got there two hours early and secured a nice spot on the South side of Bloor Street just East of Christie.  For those who don't know, the 5.5k parade route begins at Bloor and Christie, so we were one of the first to see Santa and I was able to get home in time for my 17k run.

The day was perfect.  The kids were so well behaved and watching Michelle's face as the Island Princess Barbie float went by made it all worth while.  James' favourite float was the animals playing hockey.  On a pop culture mental note, there was a Yahoo! float this year that featured a young girl surfing the web.  They didn't have that float when I was a kid.

I took 79 photos you'll find here.  We'll be back next year when I expect an iPhone and Facebook float in the mix.

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