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Parade Float 2.0


In my write up about this year's Santa Claus Parade I mentioned a new float from Yahoo! Canada.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time a web-only company sponsored a float in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, so it's worth discussing it further.

The float, which you'll see below in photos I took from two different angles, is a young girl enjoying the world of Alice in Wonderland she discovered via a Yahoo! Canada search.  For extra webby effect, there are emoticons alongside the trailer.

It's worth noting Yahoo! beat Google and Microsoft to the float sponsoring punch.  Today there were still floats sponsored by the old standards Canadian Tire, The Bay, Sears, Walmart, Mattel, Dominion and McDonalds.  One day we'll see other clicks-only companies joining Yahoo! until such an event isn't even blog-worthy.

Here's the Yahoo! float as the parade goes 2.0

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