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My Jacket Dilemma


I have a jacket dilemma.  I have a favourite jacket, a black leather jacket I've worn for over a decade.  The zipper just busted, and it needs a good cleaning, but otherwise this thing is as good as new.

I just took it in to my local dry cleaners and they tell me it's $45 for the zipper and about $45 for the cleaning.  After taxes, I'm looking at $100+ to get this jacket back into game shape.  I wasn't expecting that.

I'm now thinking I'd be wiser to buy a new jacket.  What would a nice black leather jacket cost me on sale at Danier?  Probably no more than twice what it would cost me to fix this zipper and clean up my current model.

My heart, however, would rather sink another $100 into the jacket that's already worn in to my liking.  My jacket has character, and you can't buy character.  You only get character from being worn every winter for over a decade.

It's quite the dilemma, isn't it?  And I don't have much time to make a decision...

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