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I'm Telling You For The Last Time


It's that time, folks.  It's time for my annual rant against the move from Daylight Saving Time.  Before we go to sleep tonight, we'll all move our clocks back an hour to Standard Time.  It's dumb.

Anticipating my annual rant, Ajax Mike has sent me a little ammo.

One more bit of ammo for you in your fight for year-round Daylight Savings Time:
"The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety of Arlington, Virginaia, in earlier studies found the switch from daylight saving time to standard time increased pedestrian deaths. Going to a year-round daylight saving time would save about 200 deaths a year, the institute calculated, said spokesman Russ Rader."
It's official, Standard Time kills!!!  :)

I want my hour of sunlight in the evening, not in the morning.  Let's skip this year's fall back.

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