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Help Mii Find a Wii


I mentioned the child formerly known as Sweet Baby James is looking forward to a Nintendo Wii from Santa this Christmas.  I haven't actually been able to find a Wii, so I'm hoping someone out there has a suggestion.

Does anyone know anyone on the inside?  I know stores are getting small shipments of Wii's periodically, so if I knew when they were hitting the floor, and if I had some help on the inside, maybe I could actually score one.  Does anyone know of a store in the GTA that actually has a Wii in stock right now?

Soccer Mom thinks I'm SOL.  Stephanie, another sweet reader of this blog, is actually in Missouri right now checking things out for me.  She passed by Boonville earlier today, no foolin'.

Help me help Santa bring a sweet young boy great joy this Christmas.

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